Pokemon Go Update: Tyrogue, Espeon And Umbreon's Sprite Reportedly Seen On Niantic's Server

Niantic's augmented reality game Pokemon Go has recently passed its 6-month mark. Apparently, the company is now moving towards adding new content to the game particularly the Generation 2 release. As reported, Pokemon Go is in need to add more catchable Pokemon since most of the trainers are starting to complete the PokeDex.

According to the report from Otakukart, Niantic started gen 2 with the release of Baby Pokemon with the exception of the unique Baby Pokemon called Tyrogue. As recalled, Tyrogue has three evolution strings which depend on its stats. For instance, if one player owned a Tyrogue with even stats, he/she will be able to evolve it to Hitmontop which happens to be a forgotten Pokemon.

Meanwhile, a leaked photo showing Tyrogue has been seen online. Aside from the Baby Pokemon, sprites of Espeon and Umbreon are also seen. It seems like Niantic is also rushing some additional string to Eeveelution very soon.

On the other hand, both Espeon and Umbreon might be trickier to evolve since they rely on friendship meter that is currently not available in the game. In addition, Espeon and Umbreon's evolution also depends on the time of the day to evolve Eevee. The report said that Eevee needs to evolve during daytime to get Espeon and nighttime for Umbreon.

Some thought that the latest discovery was from the latest datamined codes. However, Dronpes from TheSilphRoad elaborate that the spritesheet for Tyrogue, Espeon and Umbreon is most likely fan-made, which is not available in the APK. Meanwhile, it seems like the three abovementioned Pokemon already have their sprites ready but their candy and evolution mechanics are still under development.

Furthermore, it seems like Niantic is preparing the sprites for an alternate release soon. However, nothing is confirmed as to date since the company has not released any official announcement regarding the update.


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