Fallout 5 Is All About Correcting The Mistakes Of Fallout 4

Although various rumors have surfaced regarding the existence of Fallout 5, nothing official has really been stated. Apparently, Bethesda has been good in playing the silent game. Hence, from time to time, players are speculating whatever possibility there is. But of course, that doesn't stop the enthusiasts from thinking what the supposed title should be.

Before players will move forward with Fallout 5, it's worth noting that Fallout 4 is starting to close its doors. There are several reports suggesting that the studio has no plans in supporting the aforesaid title. Sure, a little update from then and there may arrive; however, in terms of contents or major DLC, the community won't expect anything.

Going back to Fallout 5, many are still sceptical with its existence. Nonetheless, there are those who think that it'll be developed. That it'll be among the projects (which is believed to include The Elder Scrolls 6) that Bethesda is looking to release in the next few years or so. Apart from the release date, it's also interesting to understand what this title might be all about.

According to NSEAVoice, Fallout 5 may all be about correcting the mistakes that Fallout 4 has. It holds true that the current title is a good one; however, it also holds true that the experience players had with it isn't highly commendable. For instance, completing the main objectives in the game (though the plot is remarkable) is kind of short. There's also this Settlement-Capture feature, which, in one way or another, becomes repetitive in the long run.

Fallout 5 needs to bring variety, too. This is most especially in the kind of enemies that'll roam the Wasteland. Most players will agree that the more there are, the better it'll be. But hey, Bethesda is a great company. It never fails to amaze the fanbase. So, in a sense, there's hope to these changes in the future.

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