Patents That Prove Bendable Phone Technology Is Coming Next To Smartphones

Right now, the flat screen remains the trend in smartphones. However, in the near future, it looks like fans will be seeing the bendable display technology slowly enter the mainstream market. Right now may not be the time for it but spotted patents suggest that this technology is coming in anytime soon.

Samsung, Apple, and LG To Use Bendable Displays In The Future

As per Tech Radar, three of the biggest names in mobile could already be experimenting the use of bendable displays. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 in April but according to reports, this phone will not be sporting the bendable screen that company is rumored to use. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy X phone that's bound for a Q3 2017 release could be the one sporting the said technology.

Additionally, LG has also been reported to have applied for a foldable display patent. As per Android Headlines, this certain patents describes a display technology that allows the device to fold in half. As for Apple's foldable display patent, it was said that Apple will be able to release a smartphone with a flexible display. The iPhone-maker will then be able to mimic the good old flip phones from the past. However, of course, patents don't always mean actual company plans and these visions may or may not get materialized. Nevertheless, it's good to know that they are all big possibilities.

2017 Smartphone Technology Expectations

As of now, the only commonly rumored specs for 2017 flagship phones is the ditching of the home button. Both Samsung and Apple are expected to remove the home buttons from the Galaxy S8 and the supposed iPhone 8. It was said that these phones will just have to rely on a display embedded fingerprint sensor for their fingerprint scanning needs.

There are also talks about the use of curved screens in more phones this year. In the past, only the Galaxy S-series Edge models are known for the curved screen technology. Now, it looks like more devices will come with such a display feature as the Galaxy S8 is rumored to come in two curved variants and the Apple iPhone 8 is also expected to have a curved screen. Nevertheless, these may be all that the market will be seeing as major mainstream features for 2017 smartphones.

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