Why The iPhone 7 Still Beats Its Competitions Despite Criticisms

Apple is no longer a stranger when it comes to product criticisms. This company has received its fair share of recommendations and hatred over the past years. The iPhone, being one of the company's most talked-about products, is constantly being criticized for a variety of reasons. However, it's undeniable that this phone delivers a quality that its rivals can barely beat.

Apple iPhone 7 Criticisms

The main reason why the iPhone 7 or the iPhones, in general, get criticized is their undeniable premium price and their very slow rate of lowering their prices. Needless to say, currently, there's no doubt that the iPhone 7 isn't the most expensive smartphone on the market. Its direct competitions share the same pricing range as the iPhone 7 series. With that said, the competition is now more about the specs and less about the price. Sure, the iPhone 7 is also criticized for its unchanged looks, but when it comes to performance, this phone delivers quality.

Apple iPhone 7 Beats Competitions

The best thing about the iPhone 7 is that it comes with a speedy processor. Its new A10 Fusion chipset allows it to kick sand on its rivals' faces effortlessly. In fact, its AnTuTu benchmark score of 178,397 is far higher than its direct competitions. The Galaxy S7 Edge only scored 134,599 and the OnePlus 3 only scored 140,288, as per GSM Arena.

Additionally, the iPhone 7 is able to demolish other brands when it comes to speed tests. As per The Verge's report, Apple's lower-end 2017 flagship is even speedier than Samsung's amazing but unfortunate Note 7 phablet. It's not that the other brands lag so much, it's just that the iPhone 7 is faster-moving than most of them. Basically, it is all about how much time is spent opening and closing applications on the phone, and so far, doing this is far quicker on the iPhone compared to its Android competitors. With that said, there's no doubt that the iPhone 7's price of $649 is very much worth it.

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