ZTE To End Project Hawkeye, Is Crowdfunding Problem The Real Reason?

Just recently, ZTE happily announced the features and specs of their all-new Hawkeye, the first crowdsourced smartphone. Despite its unique selling propositions, the device faced different criticisms from backers that made the company abandon the project. Will consumers still see the ZTE's Hawkeye in the near future?

ZTE's Hawkeye Not Pushing through Anymore, What's The Biggest Threat?

According to International Business Times, ZTE reveals that its Hawkeye won't be just an ordinary smartphone just as others thought it might be. The Hawkeye would be packed with a self-adhesive case and a stunning eye-tracking technology. Not just that, the device would be having the top-of-the-line 5.5-inch full HD display with 1080p resolution, 3GB of RAM, 3,000 mAh battery, 32GB of internal memory and a Snapdragon 625 processor.

Other than that, the said smartphone would have the same camera feature as that of the iPhone 7. The company also promised that consumers should expect a fingerprint scanner and Hi-Fi Audio. But despite ZTE's greatest effort to hear out customer's suggestions, the Project Hawkeye still receives a lot of bashing from online backers.

The said campaign would is greatly affected by how backers view Hawkeye. Online publications admitted that the backers expressed their biggest disappointments over the specs and features of the phone. Some believed that the device's physical appearance won't suffice their product's expectation. Backers admitted that they are looking for the smartphone that would be high-end than the others.

ZTE Hears Out Backers, Would They Change The Specs And Features Of The Hawkeye?

With these sentiments, ZTE made a new poll that would get the consumer's opinion on how the Hawkeye's hardware should be improved. While others believed that this would bring out the best on the device, some admitted that it could be the reason for the campaign to not continue any longer.

With Kickstarter having 19 days left, there are only 190 backers who have pledged for the project with a total amount of $36,056. This is not enough to cover the $500,000 goal. Because of this, some revealed that it would be best for ZTE to cancel the project and start a new one that would exceed beyond consumer's expectation.

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