Body Shaming Out; Chubby Is The New In: Find Out How Miss Universe Canada Made Waves At The Miss Universe 2016

Body shaming is not much of a new issue for Miss Universe 2016 candidate Siera Bearchell. The 23-year-old Canadian beauty has not only endured body shaming from trolls as she has also triumphed over them by making it to the recently concluded Miss Universe 2016 competition final 13 cut. Bearchell was found to have graced the Miss Universe stage on January 29 in Manila, Philippines, after taking on her haters in a public Instagram post earlier this month. She said that she even feels happier and more confident than she ever has.

Body Shaming: How It Affects A Person?

According to reports revealed by New Mic, on January 17, Bearchell has allegedly posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit, along with a message about body positivity, as response to all of her detractors. It was found that long before, a significant number of Psychologists have already done a lot of research on this, and the evidence is very clear. It was found that body shaming, in all forms does not motivate people, but makes them feel terrible about themselves and actually causes them to eat more and gain more weight. Furthermore, the said series of research shows that the stigma on body shaming against overweight people causes major psychological harm and makes the problem worse.

Miss Universe Canada: On Redefining Beauty Standards

Meanwhile, as per The Sydney Morning Herald, during the contestants' press junket, Miss Canada, Siera Bearchell was left speechless after being asked of how she feels being so much larger as compared to the other delegates. However, instead of reacting negatively, Bearchell has instead responded through her social media account saying she "feels great" to be part of a movement to redefine beauty standards. Ultimately, until the actual pageant, the 23-year-old Siera Bearchell has managed to land a top-9 finish despite a lot of people previously doubting her.


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