Pokemon Go Update: Will Fans Expect A Companion Device Soon?

Pokemon Go has entered its seventh month now but the augmented reality game from Niantic is still plagued by several issues such as constant freezing and app crashes. In addition, there are also issues on the safety of the players while playing the game.

According to a report from Otakukart, there have been lots of safety concerns for players while they are playing Pokemon Go since it requires them to constantly look at the screens of their mobile phones. Though The Pokemon Company somehow solved this issue via Pokemon Go Plus, however, the wearable device's functionality is limited. It can only do basic stuff like spinning PokeStops and throwing a single PokeBall.

Based on the report, there are several issues with the Pokemon Go Plus as well. For instance, the wearable device only vibrates and notifies the trainer when a wild Pokemon is in range and by pushing the button, it will automatically throw a Pokeball to catch the Pokemon. Due to this, players are unable to identify what kind of Pokemon they have encountered and caught in the wild. Additionally, players cannot select the type of PokeBall to throw.

Meanwhile, The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed during the interview that they are considering developing a new device dedicated for Pokemon Go in order to address the players' safety concerns. Ishihara also said that the number of complaints they received are mostly from players who have been hurt by not paying much attention to their surroundings.

The CEO mentioned that it is alarming. As a result, they will make a smartphone-linked wearable device in order for Pokemon Go players to not constantly look at their phones while playing the game. Overall, fans might be able to receive a new companion device for Pokemon Go soon since the company already confirmed its existence. Perhaps it would be just in time for the game's upcoming anniversary this summer.


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