New Chapter For The Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Unearthed Today!

The Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the biggest games of today. Bethesda just knows how to capture the hearts of every gamer. And by that, it also means keeping the interest of the community afloat. This is exactly what the studio revealed recently, suggesting that the next chapter of the titular title will soon be unveiled.

According to WWG, the developers behind The Elder Scrolls Online is set to unveil the next chapter of the game. It will be done exactly today at around 11 AM PST/7 PM GMT. The announcement was made via the game's official Twitter account.

The revelation of the aforementioned The Elder Scrolls Chapter will be made via the official Twitch channel of Bethesda. As of this writing, there's no way of knowing what exactly this will be about (except of course that it's a new chapter). However, many suggest that it's going to take the fandom back to the roots of the Vvardenfell.

It's worth noting that in The Elder Scrolls Online, the aforesaid setting is famously known in the third installment called Morrowind. As far as its lore is concern, it's considered as the sanctuary of the Dark Elves. This speculation is further heated thanks to the tweet from the above-mentioned social media site. There's a mix of lava and smoke, suggesting the glorious landscape of the Red Mountain. The latter, in its most organic form, is deemed as one of the popular landmarks from the said setting.

The Red Mountain, if it gets to The Elder Scrolls Online, will definitely mean something big for the title. Unfortunately, these are all but mere speculations from the community. Bethesda, in particular, has kept it all under wraps. Besides, everything about this chapter will soon be revealed today. So for the game's loyal fans, they better head straight to Bethesda's Twitch channel later on today.

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