Microsoft Surface Phone Could Be Warming Up For Imminent Release: Lumia 950 Removed From Microsoft Store UK

After months and months of confusions as to whether or not Lumia is getting canceled, it looks like the old Windows Mobile series is now starting to get removed from the Microsoft Store. Apparently, the Microsoft UK has already removed the Lumia 950 from its online store. Nevertheless, this still doesn't confirm Surface Phone's arrival. It does, however, show that Microsoft could be moving forward in its mobile phone plans.

Microsoft UK Removes Lumia 950

According to a report from Neowin, Microsoft has now completely removed the Lumia 950 from its UK store. It's worth noting that the Microsoft UK has already run out of Lumia 950 stocks last October but it took them three months to completely remove the phone's listing from the website. With that said, if you go to the Lumia 950's listing on the said site, you will be redirected to the home page.

Microsoft Lumia Phones' Status

It's undeniable that more and more Lumia phones have become harder to find as time pass by. However, the brand isn't completely gone worldwide. It's worth noting that the US Microsoft Store still restocked the Lumia 950 device a few weeks ago, as per ONMSFT's report. Nevertheless, it's obvious that the US store is also in the process of finishing up its Lumia stocks. Needless to say, Microsoft UK still lists some of the old Lumia devices, but most of them are marked as out of stock.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release

Right now, the Surface Phone still remains unconfirmed. The only thing confirmed by Microsoft is that the company will still be present in the smartphone market. They even promised to release the "ultimate mobile device" that will offer things that you won't find in your mainstream brands. Whether or not this will be the Surface Phone, and whether or not this is coming in this year, Microsoft still hasn't confirmed.

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