Final Fantasy XV Players Can Win This Exclusive And Unique ‘Weapon’

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 01, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV has an assortment of sleek and cool-looking weapons that Noctis and his companions can use. However, players have the chance to win one strange sword sponsored by none other than the bowl of hot cup noodles, NISSIN.

Final Fantasy XV And Its Product Placement

The latest installment in the fantasy series gave players the option to choose among a variety of equipment depending on the situation. Each monster had their own weakness which urged fans to constantly shuffle and hunt new weapons. Similarly enough, the game also boasts strange product placements that are extremely hard to miss and are even involved in some quests.

According to Mashable, the slew of advertisements begins when players encounter the cup noodle brand NISSIN in the first major city in the game. The resident meathead, Gladiolus, then urges Noctis to hunt down a specific beast in order to craft the perfect bowl of cup noodles. The four party members then eat the meal at camp before having a rather scripted conversation about how good it tasted.

Win this Special 'Weapon'

Similarly, Square Enix is no stranger to advertising as they have partnered up with numerous brands in order to advertise their game. Now, a report from Highsnobiety reveals that the company is starting yet another promotion with NISSIN. The food company will be releasing limited edition cup noodles which depict a total of 15 demons, gods and beasts ranging from the first to the latest Final Fantasy game.

However, there is a catch as consumers cannot simply buy these noodles. Instead, they will have to actually earn their own cup via raffle which will begin on Feb. 1. The lucky winners will not only get their items but also a special Ultimate Weapon-inspired fork. Take note that Square Enix has not mentioned whether this item will be included in the game.

While seemingly out of place, Final Fantasy XV has a comical way of portraying these various products in the game. This adds to the overall charm yet quirkiness of the latest installment. To those who are interested in experiencing the game, they can purchase a copy for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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