Apple Boasts Of iPhone 7 Low-light Imagery: Camera Review

One of Apple's iPhone 7 greatest pride is the smartphone's camera quality. It's undeniable that the company has put in so much effort in its latest flagships and one of the phones' best features is their cameras. Sure, the iPhone 7 series has been criticized for its lack of design innovations, but it did include some of the most useful features for iOS fans. This includes waterproofing and super improved cameras.

Apple Shows Off Amazing iPhone 7 Photography

As per Phone Arena, Apple is promoting its iPhone 7's low-light photography. The company has released a series of amazing pictures taken by photographers around the globe. As per Apple, iPhone photographers has explored different places including the Artic caves, Indonesia, Shanghai and more. This is for the company's "Shot on iPhone" campaign wherein they enlisted a set of photographers to capture shots from dusk to dawn using iPhone 7's low-light camera. Apple says that the sceneries and sights that have been gathered will be displayed in 25 countries beginning January 30. You can check out the complete set of photos on Apple's website.

Apple iPhone 7 Quick Camera Review

Apple says that more photos are captured by an iPhone compared to any camera worldwide. This kind of makes sense considering how big of a fan base the iPhone has. With that said, Apple has been keen in improving its iPhones' cameras and the iPhone 7 series is by far the best iPhone series when it comes to this feature. It's worth noting that in low-light photography, OIS or optical image stabilization is a very important element. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' OIS and overall camera specs are perfect for this kind of imagery. The iPhone 7 boasts of a 12 MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture while the iPhone 7 Plus boasts of its dual 12 MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture.

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