Star Wars Battlefront Update: New Game Will Have Single Player Campaign In Multiple Star Wars Eras

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts revealed that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront update is set to be released during the Holiday Season. He announced this in his company's quarterly financial conference call. The EA CEO also said that the upcoming video game will be bigger than its predecessor.

The New Update Will Offer Additional Locations And Many More

As such, the forthcoming Star Wars Battlefront update will take gamers to additional locations. In addition, this patch will enable them to play with additional heroes and other characters throughout the many eras of Star Wars. He also added that the game will offer new gameplays that include a single player campaign.

This Will Be A Collaborative Effort Between Three Game Developers

The Star Wars Battlefront update will be developed by DICE in collaboration with Motive and Criterion. Some believe that their expertise in different aspects of game development will result in an amazing improvement in the upcoming title. Wilson also added that aside from additional game modes, the update will also include more ships and more eras.

The Star Wars Battlefront Update Will Answer The Clamor Of The Fans

Fans will welcome this news about the Star Wars Battlefront update since they have been clamoring for such things. It appears that the game developers have answered their calls. In the 35th Investor Program Conference in London, Blake Jorgensen, Chief Financial Officer of EA said that the game publisher has heeded the criticism made by fans of the previous version of the game and that they are now addressing these issues.

The Original Was Criticized For Lack Of Content

One of the criticisms hurled at the original game was its lack of content. Before the Star Wars Battlefront update, the original game contained elements that were based on Rogue One, specifically the Battle of Scarif that was launched in late 2016. But the game developer made no mention if this latest update will contain elements from the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This movie is scheduled to hit the theaters on December 2017.

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