Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where To Find Mega Stones

In order to get the mega evolution of Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, they must get the mega stones needed. However, they have been asking where are the mega stones located. Fortunately, the locations have been revealed.

Mega Stones' Locations In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Not all mega stones are available in Pokemon Sun and Moon. According to Eurogamer, some of the mega stones will be available anytime soon. The first mega stone is Dragon Ascent. This mega stone is found on a tutor in Seafolk Village.

The Primal Groudon and Kyogre is found on Hau'oli City. The players can purchase some mega stones like Slowbronite, Gengarite,Kangaskhanite, Pinsirite, Gyaradosite, Aerodactylite, Scizorite, Sablenite, Sharpedonite, Absolite,Glalilite, Salamencite, Metagrossite, Garchompite and Lucarionite. They need 64BP before they can buy it at Battle Tree.

There are mega stones that are acquired when players have defeated Red at Battle Tree. The mega stones are Venusaurite, Charizardite X, Charizardite Y and Blastoisinite. Hopefully, all the players can get the mega stones they desire.

Other Ways To Acquire Mega Stones In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Players can get mega stones through online competition. That is the reason why not all mega stones are available in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The players should be happy because the competition will start this month.

For players who will participate in the online competition, they will be rewarded with mega stones for evolving Beedrillite and Mawlite. The good news is that mega stones will be available in Pokemon Sun and Moon but there is no definite date when will this be happening.

Pokemon Sun and Moon fans are excited when they learned that mega stones will be available through online competition. But since the locations of the mega stones are revealed, then, they can finally acquire them without any hassle.

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