Nintendo Plans To Release 2-3 Mobile Games Per Year

It looks like Nintendo is continuing to move out of its comfort zone after it officially started to make games for mobile devices like Super Mario Run and Pokemon GO. News has it that the company is planning on releasing more mobile games over the years. Though the company may be taking its time - Nintendo is slowly embracing the future of gaming.

According to a report from Reuters, Nintendo Co Ltd had said that they plan on releasing two to three mobile games every year. This may be a good move on Nintendo's part, as The Game Theorists from Youtube have said that Nintendo saw a significant rise in stocks after they announced that they were making games for mobile devices.

Though Nintendo may be a giant in the gaming industry, the company has been known to be quite conservative and hasn't jumped in on gaming trends like online gaming and DLC. The failure of the Wii U can be attributed to the fact that Nintendo was the sole provider of games for the console and fans had to wait a long while inbetween releases of games.

Now with the upcoming Nintendo Switch, Nintendo reportedly has a number of over 70 third party publishers and 100 games in development. Surely enough that would assure players that the console will have a steady stream of titles coming out as the year trudges along.

Going back to mobile games, Game Rant reports that the first game coming out for 2017 will be Fire Emblem Heroes which is set for a release this month for Android and later in the year for the iOS. There is also news that there is an Animal Crossing mobile game in the works, but the release of that game has been delayed to make room for FEH and Super Mario Run. With the two-to-three-games-per-year system, Nintendo is sure not to oversaturate the market with too many titles coming from them. Fire Emblem Heroes is set to come out today, and Super Mario Run is currently available for iOS.

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