Pokemon Sun and Moon News: The Main Reason Why Global Missions Are Failing

Despite two previous global missions, Pokemon Sun and Moon players have yet to actually meet the quota of either one. Could the reason for the continuous failure actually link to technical issues instead of the lack of participating players?

Third Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission

According to Polygon, the third global mission for the game is currently live. This time, players all over the world are required to trade one million Pokemon with each other by Feb. 14. This mission provides yet another challenging feat but with a large payoff as players will earn 2,000 festival coins and a Friend Ball if they manage to meet the quota.

On the other hand, participating players will earn an initial 200 coins for the effort. However, judging by the two previous missions, it is still unclear if gamers will manage to reach the target goal. In the past, fans failed in catching 100 million Pokemon during the first mission. Following this, they were not able to meet the second mission's quota of catching one million Pokemon.

Both fans and critics alike were baffled by the failure of both events as the second mission was meant to be more achievable. Similarly, the game broke sales records and a large portion of the fanbase is still playing the game. Because of this, Game Rant reports that the main issue might not lie with the players but a complication with the system.

Technical Problems Causing Massive Failure?

Gamers have reported that they could not log in or register their Pokemon Trainer Accounts. Because of this, they cannot track and record their progress for the ongoing Global Missions. Naturally, this would significantly reduce the total numbers of Pokemon being caught or traded.

The game's support team tried offering some advice regarding account names and PGL settings but players still run into the said problem. In line with this, fans have supposedly filed around a total of 30 bug reports yet the development team seems to have their hands tied with having to deal with hackers. If they do not fix the current issues, this could lead to even more Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission disasters.

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