Resident Evil 7 Guide To Clearing The Madhouse Difficulty

Resident Evil 7 itself is quite a challenging game but amping up the difficulty can pose a real threat to even the most die-hard franchise fans. Here are some tips to help players get through the Madhouse mode alive and safe.

To unlock the difficulty, Game Rant reports that the player must clear the game once under a lower difficulty. Alternatively, those who got a specific pre-order bonus will have the setting automatically unlocked. Even so, it is not advisable to pick that mode when a someone is beginning their very first playthrough lest they wish for an extreme challenge.

Initial Preparations

First off, fans should unlock the special bonuses in the item box after clearing the game. These items will help make the Madhouse difficulty much more bearable but still quite grueling. Moreover, it is better for players to beat the game twice in order to unlock 'The Secrets of Defense' and the 'Albert-01R' handgun.

Changes From Lower Difficulty

Jack Baker was pretty easy to defeat at lower difficulties but he will be stalking Ethan relentlessly in the Madhouse difficulty. Players should avoid wasting ammo on him and stick to the circular saw instead. On the other hand, the Fat Molded monsters are much deadlier as they deal more damage with their ranged attacks that can stun the protagonist. In order to deal with them, players must use their most powerful weapon and strictly land headshots.

Choosing the Right Gear

Like previously mentioned, players will want to keep the 'Albert-01R' handgun and the burner for areas with bugs. That aside, fans should also grab the grenade launcher in the trailer as it will be essential for boss fights. Finally, players should get the broken shotgun and use the repair kit to make it useable again. However, one player was much gustier and managed to beat the game using only a knife, as per Eurogamer.

Despite its extreme difficulty, the Madhouse mode is still manageable as long as the player comes in prepared. Once completed, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they beat the most difficult mode in the franchise to date. Although, fans should be on the lookout for the additional Resident Evil 7 downloadable content that will provide even more thrills.

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