‘Kuroko’s Basketball' Anime Movie Updates NBA Collaboration Featuring Boston Celtics

The artist of the popular sports anime, “Kuroko’s Basketball” has released the latest illustration that features its collaboration with the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the United States. The collaboration is for the film adaptation of the “Kuroko’s Basketball” series. The next team’ jersey uniform to make an appearance is the one from Boston Celtics.

The anime film has been titled “Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game”.The creators behind the “Kuroko’s Basketball” animated movie adaptation formed this joint project with the NBA to showcase the teams and to promote the said film at the same time. Tadatoshi Fujimaki, the creator of the original manga series, was the one who picked out the eight NBA teams, out of 30, to be featured in the film. But it was the anime’s character designer who made the illustration, which was Yoko Kikuchi.

The second team featured is Boston Celtics with spectacle-wearing player, Shintaro Midorima garbed in it with jersey number 006. Shintaro Midorima wears the green jersey uniform of the basketball team that has made one of the greatest feats in basketball history. The first NBA team that was revealed was Chicago Bulls, which had main character Taiga Kagami wearing the said team’s red jersey uniform.

The eight NBA jersey uniforms that were part of the collaboration will be put up in stores in Tokyo and other selected stores. The up and coming animated film, “Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game”, which is also referred to as “Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game”, is based on the original manga sequel series of the same title and will take place after the events in the anime series. “Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game” is slated to release on March 18 this year.

Kuroko’s Basketball” started off as a manga series that has published a number of volumes. Even when the manga series ended, “Kuroko’s Basketball” remained so popular that it eventually spawned several adaptations such as an anime television series and this awaited anime movie. Aside from that, a light novel and manga series sequel was made.

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