Gaming PC Makers Are Into The Curved Screen Trend, Do We Really Need Them?

Curved screens are, in most circumstances, a gimmick made by tech companies. LG's G Flex and Samsung's Galaxy Round have shown that it didn't matter which axis you used to make a curve since curved phones just aren't appealing to people.

Are Curved Displays Worth It?

Along with curved phones, curved TVs have also earned more dislike than praise. With everyone hating on the "curve" concept, it seems that it is very much irrelevant in any aspect.

 But there is one killer application for curved displays, and that is gaming.

Why Are Curved Screens Perfect For Gaming?

According to TheVerge, the Consumer Electronics Show at the start of this year was unusually abundant with new display technology, like Dell's professional 8K graphics monitor, and even implementations like Razer's three-screened gaming laptop prototype. However, the one thing that truly stood was LG's 34-inch ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio curved monitor, charmingly titled 34UC88.

There's a straightforward technical reasoning for why people found gaming much more enjoyable on a curved screen. Most games nowadays have been condensed on a wide field of view into the narrow window of a screen since it gives the player more information to work with.

That generates a disparity since you're looking through a confined box, but seeing more than the limits of the box should properly show you. Players have testified that playing on curved monitors feel more realistic when rendering game environments because they can expand the visual information across a wider space.

Downside Of Curved Displays

According to ExpertReviews, even though there's now an abundance in the different curved displays, none of them are particularly cheap. A 34-inch variant of the mentioned LG ultrawide is going to set you back $800 or more, depending on the specs and other options you want it to have.

Besides their high price, curved screens also have their inconveniences whenever you're currently not gaming, where they put some undesired curves on other things like Excel spreadsheets and precise photo editing.

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