Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Everything To Know About Battle Tree Challenges

Pokemon Sun and Moon players are still hooked. Nintendo is making sure that the players can experience something new in the game. Fortunately, there is the Battle Tree. 

How Does Battle Tree Work In Pokemon Sun And Moon?

Basically, battle tree is about players facing trainers from Legends of Red and Blue. This means that the players will encounter more competitive trainers compared to those who are at level 20. However, they cannot inititate the battles.

There are certain rules that players need to know when they are engaged in the battle. First, they must remember that their Pokemon is higher than level 50 will have level 50 stats. This means that their levels are restrained in that rank.

Not all their acquired items can be used in battle tree. Only berries and leftovers are allowed to be used when they are in a match. Revives and Full Restores are restricted. But after every battle tree, all the items that have been used are restored. Also, Hit and Power points will be gained again.

Rewards Players Can Get In Battle Tree

For those players who have decided to participate in Pokemon Sun and Moon's battle tree, they must reach a certain milestone. According to Eurogamer, if the players manage to win straight 20 battles, then, they can get battle tree prizes.

The most important reward in battle tree are the points earned. The battle points can be used to purchase mega stones that are essential for the mega evolution of a Pokemon. The rewards acquired are given to the players when they are done conversing with the receptionist at the shop. They can claim it the day after they have completed the battles required.

Hopefully, players will grab the battle tree in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Participating in the event will not only give them the chance to get exciting prizes but also let them test how they can defeat a powerful trainer.

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