Titanfall 2 News: Here's What We Know About The Upcoming Multiplayer Mode

Respawn will be launching new DLCs for Titanfall 2. The first thing that the developer will be adding is the new multiplayer mode called Live Fire. The upcoming DLC has no official release date yet but the players should expect that the multiplayer campaign will now be more interesting.

Watch Out For Titanfall 2's Live Fire

The upcoming DLC in Titanfall 2 will be free. Respawn wants the players to experience the 6v6 gameplay without encountering Titans in the game. However, the battle will only last for 60 seconds. It is quite fast for a multiplayer campaign, according to Polygon.

Each player must know that he will only have one life. This means that if he is killed during the whole minute, he can only rejoin in the next round. In order to win in Live Fire, they must dominate three out of five rounds. The indication that the team has won in the round is when they have the flag.

There are two new maps introduced when the new multiplayer mode rolls out. The maps are called Stacks and Meadows. The two maps are specifically for Live Fire. Also, there is a separate map called Columns. The map might be for the main game in Titanfall 2.

Other Features Coming In Titanfall 2

As per GameSpot, Titanfall 2 will be having a map from its predecessor. Other than that, the players should expect a new patch that will fix certain issues and adjustments will be made in order to ensure that there is balance in the game.

Also, there is a new weapon that will be added in the game and it is called Pilot execution. The weapon may come with the upcoming Live Fire because of the trailer released by Respawn. Hopefully, the developer will add more details on what is coming next in Titanfall 2.

Players are ecstatic when Respawn has revealed what is coming to Titanfall 2. They are excited to participate in Live Fire because not only it is fast-paced but also they are expecting cool and useful rewards that are necessary in the game.

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