'Narcos' Season 3 Spoilers And Updates: Series To Introduce Joaquin 'El Chapo' De Guzman

By stphntapulao , Feb 04, 2017 01:47 AM EST

Netflix just announced that the popular TV series "Narcos" would have its third installment. The show, for the past seasons, revolved around the story of a drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Escobar became really famous for gaining wealth from cocaine production. And as Season 2 depicts the character's death, who would be the next personality to be featured on the show?

 Netflix Renews 'Narcos'; TV Series To Feature Another Drug Kingpin, Joaquin 'El Chapo' De Guzman

The death of Pablo Escobar made fans question the storyline of the show's third installment. Reports revealed that the creators of the show would feature the famous Cali Cartel. Also, in the last update of the show's social media account, it gave everyone a glimpse of how the story would revolve in "Narcos" Season 3.

As per news, it admitted that the installment might concentrate on the life of Joaquin "El Chapo" De Guzman, a Mexican drug lord. Also, the series might give clarifications regarding what really happens in the Sinaloa Cartel.

De Guzman became popular as the leader of the said cartel. The authorities tagged him as one of the most influential and powerful drug carriers in any parts of the world. "El Chapo" is known for transferring illicit drugs in Colombia, the United States, and Mexico. With this, fans are greatly excited as to how "Narcos" Season 3 would actually look like.

However, the creators of the show are still mum about who would play the controversial and heavy role.

'Narcos' Season 3 News Update: Release Date Not Yet Revealed, Series Applauded For Past Seasons

On the other hand, it was Eric Newmann, the show's creator, who insisted that a third season should be shown on the small screen. In his recent statements, he admitted that Escobar is just one of the drug lords around the world. Enlightening everyone that what is shown in the series is actually true.

 "Unlike Escobar, who had positioned himself as an outlaw, Cali was very much a part of the system. While Escobar was a single-cell organism, they were a complex, multicelled organism."

The show gained praises for the past season which fans believed fueled them up to make another installment. "Narcos" Season 3 might air August or September this year.

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