Best Buy Reopened Preorders For Nintendo Switch And Immediately Sold Out

Hopeful buyers for the Nintendo Switch had a glimmer of hope as Best Buy reopened preorders for the game console. A shipment of the console became available for pre-order that included the neon and grey versions. However, after an hour, the neon and grey-colored consoles were all gone.

Game retailers all around the world have been expecting more shipment of the Nintendo Switch ever since the Japanese company promised to step up productions for the console. Details on when shipments will be arriving were not disclosed. People are trying to get their hands on the Switch and are hitting the notify me websites in droves.

The sold out consoles are looking very positive for the Japanese gaming giant as more and more people are looking to buy the product. The consoles are coming off the shelves faster than retails can restock. Nintendo in the past is known for under producing products that are highly sought after which led to price-gouging and scalping for products like the Wii Us or GameCube controller adapters as reported by GameRevolution.

In related news, Nintendo’s earnings have slumped as shares have been sliding. However, Kazunori Ito, a senior analyst at the Tokyo-based Ibbotson Associates Japan, says that Nintendo is undergoing a transition. He states that the strong intellectual property library and the recent recovery in the console business should bolster the company’s earnings.

Ito further states that the market would notice this fiscal year that it is just a transition period for the company as Nintendo profits recover from sales of the Nintendo Switch. However, this year looks to be a busy one for the gaming giant. Nintendo had announced that it was partnering up with over 50 companies to develop as many as 80 games for the Nintendo Switch.

Ito stated that Nintendo is learning from their past mistake from the Wii U and this time will be attracting third party developers. This will encourage software developers to come to the Nintendo market. It was referring to the Japanese company’s relatively unsuccessful console the Wii U as reported by CNBC.

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