Guild Wars 2: New Heart Of Thorns Expansion Still Half Price Until Feb 8

Guild Wars 2 takes a huge leap into the new episode with the Head of the Snake Episode Four of Living World’s season three. The story revolves around Queen Jennah as she struggles to uncover a conspiracy against her rule. A new raid wing is also in store for players. Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns is selling at half the price until February 8 to celebrate the added content.

Guild Wars 2 is touted as one of the best MMOs and has a huge following. The Head of the Snake is set to go live on February 7. Players will be summoned to Divinity’s Reach by Queen Jennah. At the reach, the players will act as a personal witness in uncovering corruption at the human capital. The White Mantle cult seeks to undermine the queen and replace her with a rival.

A brand new raid wing called Bastion of the Penitent awaits players. The raid wing will be found behind a mysterious portal in Bloodstone Fen. Their players will face four bosses as they explore the dark, sinister and ancient place.

ArenaNet developed Living World as an ongoing plot for Guild Wars 2. Living World episodes add new quests that weave an unraveling story as a player progresses. Current Living World content is free to players who have the Heart of Thorns Expansion. Players have until Feb 8 to take advantage of buying the new expansion at half the price as reported by PCGamesN.

The week-long sale is to draw in new players for the massively successful MMO. Both editions of the game are on 50% sale. The standard edition will be priced at $24.99 and the Deluxe Edition will be sold at $37.49. Players will not have to start from level zero as both editions have a max-level boost to level 80 as reported by Destructoid.

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