Sony Finally Includes External Hard Drive Use For PS4 Games

Sony PlayStation 4 since its debut in 2013 has sold over 50 million units worldwide. After nearly four years after its launch, Sony’s PS4 have a very wide selection of games. The only problem that PS4 owners complain about is the limited storage that the console has.

A standard PS4 comes with only 500 GB of storage space. It may sound like a lot of storage space but PS4 owners learned that this storage can fill up really quick. Most of the major games take up 30 to 80 GB. A dozen or so games can fill the storage with no room to take in more.

The limited storage capacity is especially frustrating to players who have to juggle games by deleting older games and choosing which games should stay inside the console’s storage and which should go. Games like Overwatch draws in players and gamers play the game for a very long time, some even play for months. Players’ gaming experience are limited by having to delete these games in order to play newer ones.

In a recent development, Sony has announced that the new PlayStation 4 system 4.50 updated will allow console owners to just plug in an external hard drive and have an immediate storage expansion. The storage can be upgraded up to 8 TB which is sixteen times the storing capacity that gamers have to contend with now. External hard drives must have USB 3.0 in order to be compatible with the console.

The new PS4 update will also have custom wallpapers. Players will now have the ability to use in-game screenshots as the background for the main menu. The update will also have a quick menu feature. The new quick menu can be accessed by a press and hold of the PlayStation button and notifications menu as reported by the Business Insider.

The new update will also include the ability to view 3D movies by using the PlayStation VR. The update grants the ability to view 3D movies in stereoscopic 3D directly to the PS VR headset. There are more features included in the 4.50 update. Players are told to keep an out for additional info in the weeks to come as posted on

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