Windows 'Zero-Day' File Sharing Protocol Vulnerable To Hackers And System Crashes

The SMB network that is advocated by Windows as its newest file sharing protocol is said to be very vulnerable to hackers. It is also said that hackers could easily gain access to the computer's system and crash entire systems down.

However, Laurent Gaffie, a solo security researcher, says that Microsoft had not yet released a patch that would fix the flaw. He says that the company should have already released it three months ago, but up until now, it still hasn't.

Plan Of Exploit Laid Out

According to Network World, Gaffie had publicized the proof that the protocol is indeed very easy to hack. He laid down his own planned exploit to prove the validity of his vulnerability claims.

What the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol does is that it enables the sharing of files and printers between different computers. It also is able to manage authentication processes of the computers.

The latest version of Window's protocol is SMB version 3. However, despite it being the newest and most updated version, it still is tested out to be very vulnerable.

Windows Need To Be More Careful Next Time

According to Dark Reading, the planned out exploit clearly shows that it can be used as a tool to crash Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems entirely. As of now, Microsoft chooses to remain silent about the matter.

With this, one can see how fragile and vulnerable this new protocol system of Windows is. This is the very reason why we should also keep a keen eye on all the technological processes that we happen to use and incorporate into our daily lives.

In this world that we are living in, our details, information, and important files should always be safeguarded. If possible, it would still be best to have physical files tucked in your sleeves to ensure that it is safe and secured.

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