Pokemon Sun And Moon Latest News: Players Meet Global Mission Goal Despite Ongoing Tech Issues

Good news to all Pokemon Sun and Moon fans. The third global mission for the game is going to be a resounding success, according to its organizers. It is not yet over, and yet trainers around the world have already achieved its objective. This is despite ongoing tech issues that seem to scuttle the third mission.

At Last, Trainers Were Able To Achieve The Goal

After the disappointing results of the first two global missions, Pokemon Sun and Moon fans who participated in the third mission are now happy. They can now leave the failures of the first and second missions in the dustbin of forgotten sad memories. But there are some trainers who discovered the probable reasons why, with all the millions of fans all over the world, they still failed to successfully complete the two previous missions.

These Global Mission Events were initiated by Game Freak, the game developer of Pokemon Sun and Moon. They wanted the trainers to work together in accomplishing the objective of the missions. But they weren't able to complete the two previous tasks. And these might be the probable reasons.

Trainers Discovered An Issue That May Have Caused The Failure

Some players have discovered that a technical issue might have caused the two previous missions to fail. A report from GameRant said that there were players who observed that each time a new Pokemon Trainer registers his account, the system discards his first attempt. The page will then refresh itself.

They also found out that this is an ongoing problem since January. But it is difficult for players to get support from the Pokemon Team. It seems that they were given support tickets and notes suggesting that they add their names to their Pokemon Trainer account and that they change their PGL Setting to "nobody."

The Goal Is Accomplished With 10 More Days To Go

But now, despite these problems, Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers were able to complete the third global mission with about 10 more days to go. The reward for those who participated in this event is 2,000 Festival Coin each. They can use this in the Festival Plaza online feature. If they can reach the two million mark, they will be rewarded with a Friend Ball. But they must do it on or before midnight of Feb. 14.

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