LEGO Dimensions Latest News: Expansion Packs For Release In May

Expansions of the video game LEGO Dimensions are coming, according to the recent announcement of Warner Bros. These expansions are composed of packs based on three popular entertainment titles. This is welcome news for all fans of the video game who are eagerly waiting for new items that will enhance their gaming experience.

Three Separate Expansion Packs Are Coming

There will be three different LEGO Dimensions expansion packs. One of them is based on "Harry Potter," the other is taken from the "Goonies" and the last one is LEGO CITY with an undercover theme. There will be LEGO mini figures in each of the three packs and they will come with golden Toy Tags. These tags will be used to unlock new adventures and new battle arenas in each of the packs.

These Three Packs Will Be Released On The Same Day

All these three packs will be released on May 12, 2017. This will be the second year of LEGO Dimensions. In the "Goonies" pack, players will help Chunk and Sloth to escape the hideout of Fratelli. It offers a new adventure world. This expansion pack also comes with a skeleton organ to build and a pirate ship.

Here Are Additional Details Of The LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs

The "Harry Potter" pack features the mini figurine of Hermione Granger. Players will use this small figurine to unlock the Harry Potter adventure world and a Battle Arena. It will also enable them to create a 3-in-1 Buckbeak which they can ride.

In the LEGO City expansion pack of LEGO Dimensions, players will have a Chase McCain mini figurine. With this figurine, players can explore the Police Department of LEGO City. They will also get hold of a 3-in-1 police helicopter that they can use in different activities.

All the three LEGO Dimensions expansion packs are playable on most consoles. They include Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Perhaps future expansions will also allow the game to be played in the newly launched Nintendo Switch. This is entirely possible since the video game appears to be playable in most of the game consoles available today.

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