'The Great Indoors' Season 1 Episode 13: Undeniable Chemistry Of Jack And Brooke Revealed

By stphntapulao , Feb 06, 2017 02:34 AM EST

"The Great Indoors" has been tagged as a unique TV series. The said show previews the life of two different generations that are working together all in one place. In its previous episode, the story focused on Jack Gordon, a man who gains a lot of experience probably because of what he has attained in life. Also, the series featured the millennials who are very advanced and smart in working their way up. "The Great Indoors" is basically tackling on the two generation's co-existence together. With all of that, viewers are expecting something great in the series' 13th episode.

According to Movie News Guide, Jack, one of the show's main character, has been really confused as to why he needs to bond with the people he's working with. Brooke, on the other hand, seems to be really hooked with his alleged relationship with Jack. The character has been tagged as the former love interest and boss of Jack who made him go and work in Chicago.

Sources revealed that with all the hints that have been revealed in the series' previous episodes, the 13th episode would finally reveal the story behind the ongoing romance between Jack and Brooke.

Also, the series would focus on how Jack and Brooke deny the ongoing romance between them. Both are struggling as they face engagement and new relationships from different people. Make sure to not missed out  "The Great Indoors" Season 1 only on CBS.

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