This ‘Overwatch’ Theory Explains Why Reaper Does Not Reload

Overwatch hero Reaper has become somewhat of a meme because of his inability to reload his guns and opts to toss them away. However, could this theory shed light on a deeper reason behind his weapons and state of being?

The characters in Blizzard's team shooter all possess unique skills and animations that set them apart from each other. Character-specific moves like Torbjorn's turret building and Sombra's hacks are respectively iconic and may sometimes even define their individual temperaments. Similarly, the shotgun hero Reaper opts to toss his guns away to pull out a new pair instead of reloading like everyone else.

This specific animation has sparked various discussion and various jokes on the internet. Kotaku even reports that ArcadeCloud made an SFM parody explaining why he does not reload. Supposedly there is another dimension wherein demons craft guns and throw them in a portal for Reaper to easily access.

Overwatch Hero Reaper has a Different Set of Firearms

On a more serious note, YouTuber Graenolf posted a video explaining his theory to why the cloaked killer has a seemingly infinite amount of guns. This idea stems from the possibility that the hero is not actually using 'guns' but an extension or part of his body. With this in mind, Reaper can supposedly reproduce these parts with no difficulty whatsoever.

Going by his origins, Reaper is in a literal state between life and death as his cells are constantly dying and regenerating. Because of this, he can 'disintegrate' into a smokey form and even teleport to various locations. It is worth noting that when he shadow steps, he brings all forms of his cells with him - including his guns.

If they were not a part of his organism, he technically should not be able to bring the shotguns as they would simply fall to the ground when he disappears. Moreover, Reaper is still holding onto his weapons during Wraith form where all forms of attacks pass through him. Fittingly enough, the reason why he might not be able to attack during the said form is because his guns' 'cells' would have also broken down with him.

Why Do His Weapons Look Like Guns

On the other hand, some fans might question why his guns look so metallic and not some kind of mutilated form. In response to this, Graenolf claimed that his costume might also be a part of Reaper's DNA as they also stay with him when he disintegrates. Because of this, Reaper might have some sort of ability to manipulate metals (like the 'claws' on his hand and the shotgun shells on his belt) as the elements have already merged with his organism.

Why Do His Guns Disappear

Moreover, when the hero drops his guns, they also disappear after some time. While this might be due to technical limitations in the game, another explanation could be that Reaper has 'expended' the lifespan of his weapon. For this reason, those 'body parts' simply waste away and disappear. While Blizzard has yet to reveal an actual reason to why the Overwatch hero Reaper does not reload, this theory might just be a plausible reason.

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