Is No Man's Sky DLC Worth Buying?

Last year has been a rollercoaster ride for most No Man's Sky fans. Sure, the game gave out what appeared to be a perfect hype; however, as soon as it was released, all of hell broke loose. From players complaining of promised features not being there to lawsuits being filed, developer Hello Games has certainly been under stress. But still, it didn't stop the studio from supporting the game (though they've played the silent game for a while). For instance, new DLCs are expected to arrive. Regardless, the question that remains unanswered: are these contents even worth buying?

Almost every article found online has talked about what a big disappointment No Man's Sky was. First, it was promised for a certain release date, only to be pushed back. Then there was this kind of excitement being built that time. Unfortunately, it didn't become consistent as soon as the title got released. So, in one way or another, the community didn't love it. Their joy quickly becomes a mountain of anger.

Regardless, though, many still believe that No Man's Sky has all the potentials it needs to become a successful title. Heck, even Sony does recognize this underlying truth. However, it can't be denied that the game lacks certain key features and whatnots. Even the arrival of the new update didn't entirely win the hearts of many players.

Nonetheless, as noted by Forbes, a DLC for No Man's Sky is still worth paying for. And yes, this is despite the fact that Hello Games broke all their promises in the past. According to the publication, this would rather fuel the hearts of the developers to make amends. Because seriously, they won't resort to making the same mistake twice.

A new content for No Man's Sky would mean a new perspective. It would mean starting a new journey to making the game it was intended for. Of course, the studio doesn't have to rush things out. If they need to buy time, then they better do. After all, they want to guarantee it this time. Perhaps, with the new contents, the promised features will eventually arrive (and yes, this even includes newer ones). The coolest thing about the game is the endless possibility it can make. Believe it or not, NMS is still a great game to enjoy. Just sad that it had to go through with such mess.

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