Draymond Green Backs Up LeBron James Against NBA Veteran Charles Barkley

Draymond Green has just commented on the recent beef between LeBron James and NBA veteran Charles Barkley. Green clearly has backed up James and went personal on his comments against Barkley. Other well-known NBA players have also given their two cents on this matter but Green's is the latest.

Anyone who has been following NBA for enough time knows that feedbacks can go personal and heated. Charles Barkley in particular had seemingly been criticizing LeBron James for some time now and the last comment was the last straw. The Cleveland Cavaliers small forward has been silent all this time, biting his tongue as he refrained himself from responding but he just could not take it anymore.

The feud between Barkley and James has sparked a huge controversy that even other NBA players have expressed their thoughts on this matter. The latest one was from Draymond Green of Golden State Warriors, siding with James. Green has emphasized that Barkley has gone too far and he entirely agrees on ruining Barkley.

Green pointed out that Barkley was all talk despite being an NBA player who never won a championship during his career as a professional basketball player. Green also said that if there was anyone who would talk about championships, it would be Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, or Ernie Johnson. Though the feud between James and Barkley has died down, the latter has reignited it when he commented that he will never be friends with the Cavaliers star player.

Charles Barkley used to play for Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets, where he ended his career as a power forward in 2000. Though Barkley never got a championship game from NBA, he was still a skilled player who earned many spots in the NBA All-Star Games and even went on to represent the United States to compete at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. Since his retirement from playing basketball, Barkley became an analyst on “Inside the NBA”.

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