Get To Know More About 'For Honor' Factions & Classes

As the game is nearing its release on Feb. 14, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, it helps to know a bit more in detail regarding the different factions and classes. 

For Honor tells the story of three warring factions namely, The Knights of Ashfeld, The Samurai of the Myre, and the Vikings of Valkenheim. In which these factions are being manipulated by a warlord named Apollyon into fighting each other.

As described by Ubisoft, The Knights of Ashfeld has been disorganized for a long time and are composed of petty warlords and mercenary knights. And now, Apollyon has taken the reigns to lead this group. The Samurai of the Myre came from a far away land and has come to recreate their empire in the Myre, a marsh like place near the Viking homeland and on the Knight's land. While the Vikings of Valkenheim has come back mainly to reclaim their ancient homeland of Valkenheim. And if this faction comes together, it is a fearsome sight to behold.

Power Up, in an article, summarizes that The Knights of Ashfeld holds an uncanny resemblance to those of medieval French and English Knights. Their shiny armor presents a big distinction in the battlefield as no other faction has this. The Samurai of the Myre are, as in the name, inspired by the ancient samurai warriors of Japan. Unlike other factions, the Samurai of the Myre has a unique and tranquil way with swords. While the Vikings of Valkenheim, represents everything Viking-related - Blood, gore, unparalleled strength, and overwhelming combat prowess.

Each Faction has four available classes to choose from there's the Vanguard, the Heavies, the Hybrid, and the Assassin. A player can choose any class but needs to take note that each class offers a different style of gameplay than the other.

The Vanguard class are well balanced in the line of offense and defense. The versatility of this class enables them to fulfil a lot of roles in the game. The Knights have the Warden, the Samurai have the Kensei, and the Vikings have the Raiders.

The Heavy class is considered as 'tanks' in the game. Their survivability can be used to assist other players in the battlefield or to hold positions. The Heavy Class in the game are the Conqueror for the Knights, the Warlord for the Vikings, and Shugoki for the Samurai.

The Hybrid class is a combination of the other 3 classes. Although difficult to play with, this class can surprise players with the style of gameplay it offers. For this class the Knights have the Lawbringer, the Samurai has Nobushi, and the Vikings have the Valkyrie.

Lastly, The Assassin class has good offense and evasive skills. The heroes in the class are fast and is best used in a 'run and gun' tactic. The Assassins in the game are Peacekeeper for the Knights, Orochi for the Samurai, and Berserkers for the Vikings.

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