'Elder Scrolls VI' Rumors: Bethesda Hiring A 3D Animator To Work On In-Game Animations

Though it may be a while before fans can get their hands on Elder Scrolls VI, it hasn't stopped people from wildly speculating on what Bethesda has already worked on so far. Rumor has it that the company is currently looking for animators to work on some in-game animations.

Looking For A 3D Animator To Create Gameplay Animation

The speculations come from Gaming Bolt, who noticed that Bethesda Montreal is offering a job for a 3D animator who specialized in making gameplay animations. The job listing was posted up on ZeniMax's website, and the requirements also need the applicant to "create high-quality animations while optimizing them to meet technical constraints."

Of course, it's entirely possible that this job isn't for the Elder Scrolls VI game since Bethesda also works on titles like Fallout. What's more, Bethesda's Pete Hines has confirmed that it will be "many years" before fans get to hear about any development on the next Elder Scrolls game. Fans will just have to hope that the developers are working on development early on so that they can deliver one massive gameplay should they finally decide to work on Elder Scrolls VI.

What's The Next Elder Scrolls Game?

A lot of fans have also been clamoring for next-gen remakes of older Elder Scrolls games like Morrowind and Oblivion as well, but Bethesda has confirmed that they will no longer be making any more remakes. Even the remastered version of Skyrim was actually just made for the developers to use it as a basis for Fallout 4.

So far, the next big Elder Scrolls release will be Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. The console has been getting a lot of hype as the release date draws nearer, and the system is said to be powerful enough to play the remastered version of Skyrim on a portable platform. Though Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch has no release date, the console is set to hit shelves this coming March 3.

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