Fire Emblem Heroes Guide: How To Get Free Hero Feathers

Learn how to earn more hero feathers without having to spend a single cent in "Fire Emblem Heroes." Similarly, fans should add as many friends as they can to get the most out of the free benefits in the game.

Hero Feathers are a rare currency in the game that allows players to level up. While they might seem useless at first, their real potential will unlock once a hero reaches level 20. GearNuke reports how to score these items without having to spend any real money for them.

Get Free Hero Feathers Using These Techniques in "Fire Emblem Heroes"

To begin with, players can opt to delete a hero from their current roster by going to the Allies Screen and then picking the "Send Home" option. In exchange for deleting a unit, the player will be rewarded with a certain number of Hero Feathers depending on the character's rarity. Keep note that if a player chooses to use this option, the character that was deleted will be lost forever.

Next, players can also earn more currency by making friends. Greeting their newfound allies will reward them with a few Hero Feathers. Players can make the most out of this method by greeting their friends every one to two hours.

To make more friends, Touch Arcade reports that players can distribute their friend codes that they can find in the Friend List. Moreover, they can also send friend requests to others after facing against their units in the Arena. Keep in mind that the friend list can only contain a maximum number of 50 friends but it's best to quickly fill out the slots to reap all the benefits.

Moving on, players can also interact with the "leader" of their friend's party who will sometimes visit the castle. When tapping the said hero, they will sometimes give players Hero Feathers or other items. Finally, sometimes the player's heroes will give items if they have floating hearts surrounding them. Fans can download "Fire Emblem Heroes" for free on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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