Google Collaborates With H&M To Help Design A Custom Dress

By Victor Thomson , Feb 07, 2017 04:54 AM EST

Google has announced on Monday, Feb. 6, its partnership with H&M's Ivyrevel on an innovative project called Coded Couture. The project aims to design a smart custom dress called the Data Dress, created specifically for a customer, based on criteria gathered through the Snapshot API via an application created by Google in collaboration with Ivyrevel.

Google's Custom Dress

According to Android Headlines, the smart couture piece of fashion can be created the app, using the Awareness API and Snapshot API as well. The Awareness API was introduced by Google last year, at the Google I/O developer conference. The new API would allow smarter applications to intelligently react to your current situation by understanding what you are doing, where you were, what's nearby and even the weather.

Google has just introduced now a new application that can take advantage of all this sort of data in order to design a smart dress. Based on personal data acquired, for the creation of the custom dress are taken into account multiple details like visited places such as restaurants and other businesses, the weather in the location of the user, fitness activities and more.

Users can consent to have their lifestyle and activity data monitored through the forthcoming Android application, by way of the Awareness API, in order to design their own, custom-made, personalized dress ordered through the app. The large collection of personal data that helps designing the smart dress is making this a unique piece of fashion truly tailored to one's lifestyle.

The project is called Coded Couture by Google and Ivyrevel. Currently, it has been started some limited Alpha testing of the app. However, the user will have to tell the app what the dress is for before the application can get to gather all of the personal data and using it to create a unique piece of fashion to wear.

Data Dress' Features

The custom dress can be designed in three available choices, including gala, party and business. Based on the collected data and that particular selection, a custom dress that looks like it was made especially for each situation will be designed. Before the dress is ready, the entire process takes around a week to complete.

According to Tech Crunch, the idea behind this Google project is that you can translate your lifestyle into a unique, wearable look. The resulting creation will display your routines and routes as lines on the map, without points of interest and street labels. Google explained that the choice of color, material, embellishment used, and added details like cuffs and belt are data-driven, as well. For instance, the fit will be based on the wearer's activity level and material will be selected based on weather data like the temperature.

According to Google, at the moment the app is only in closed Alpha testing. The test includes several select international fashion influencers. However, Google states that it giving anyone interested the opportunity to potentially test of the app by signing up to participate and to take part in future trials. For the moment the release date for the application is still unknown, but it is expected to come on the market for mobile devices sometime this Fall.

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