Final Fantasy XV DLC Delayed For Sharing Striking Similarities With Power Rangers

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 07, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Those looking forward to the Magitek Exosuit "Final Fantasy XV" DLC will have to wait a while longer as the costume is getting redesigned. The downloadable content has seemed to run into some issues regarding another popular franchise.

"Final Fantasy XV" DLC Gets Delayed

According to a report from Forbes, Square Enix is already making plans of changing one of their upcoming DLCs after not even a week of its initial announcement. During a live stream, game director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ofuji explained that they are changing the design of the Magitek Exosuits. Evidently, the said bonus content shares too many similarities with the costumes from "Power Rangers."

Since the costume might be getting a major overhaul, fans should expect for the DLC to be delayed. For now, Square Enix has yet to share the succeeding release date for the said content. The Magitek armors have played a vital role in the overall series since its main debut in "Final Fantasy VI." Furthermore, the original designs reflected large mecha rather than actual suits.

The latest installment in the franchise is seemingly combining the original idea with the highly-popular "Super Sentai" shows in Japan. These programs were actually the basis for the "Power Rangers" shows which gained immense popularity in the West.

The possibility of Mods and Custom Quests?

That aside, Tabata claimed that he would like to include some custom quests for the game, as per iDigitalTimes. Moreover, he would also like to see some custom mods if ever the game ever gets ported to the PC. However, he admitted that if he were to ever port the game to the said platform, the team would have to start from scratch as they would research the best technology to use.

A batch of "Final Fantasy XV" DLC will be releasing soon, beginning with the character-specific side story. The game director has also shared future content coming for the game like driving the Regalia off-road. For now, fans can play the game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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