Final Fantasy XV Update: Director Plans To Expand Highly-Requested Feature In The Game

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 02, 2017 04:40 AM EST

Square Enix plans on expanding the number of photo storage in Final Fantasy XV as fans have found photography as one of the more enjoyable features in the game. Find out how to easily upgrade Prompto's specific skill to make the most out of the in-game snapshots.

Game Director Plans to Expand Photo Storage

Just recently, game director Hajime Tabata shared a few things that the team plans to improve in the game, as per Siliconera. One of the main features they want to focus on is expanding the current photo storage to go beyond the current 150 limit. Tabata claimed that since this is a highly-demanded feature from fans, the team is considering on enhancing it.

One of the main character, Prompto, will go around and take random shots throughout the entire journey. The creative photos he takes range from combat, scenery, wildlife and even selfies among the four cast members. Players can choose to keep the more memorable pictures every time the team decides to call it a night. Furthermore, they can even share their photos on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The game director noted that the game takes many casual photos throughout the entire progression of the game. Many players would like to keep more than 150 shots but have no choice but to delete some due to the storage restrictions. While the team might not be able to double the current capacity, Tabata urged fans to expect more space soon.

Level Up Prompto's Photography Skills Faster in Final Fantasy XV

In the meantime, players can focus on increasing Prompto's photography levels to unlock new styles and filters. The skill itself is easy to level up as the character constantly takes pictures but there are some ways to further speed up the process. Firstly, fans should always take the opportunity to accept Prompto's offer when he suggests taking certain group shots near scenic locations, as per Gamer Heroes.

Next, Prompto will sometimes ask Noctis which character should he take more shots of. Any of the four main cast members will do as long as the player picks one so that Prompto will focus on that specific person. Finally, fans should constantly take pictures in photography points near towns like the bench with the iconic bird mascot.

Once the character gets more levels under his Photography skill, he will begin taking random selfies and start shooting more photos during combat. The skill will also unlock some added features and filters to give pictures some form of dramatic flare. Those who want to see Prompto's photography skills in action can play Final Fantasy XV on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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