Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Handing Out Free Gold Coins

A couple of weeks ago, Nintendo launched Super Mario Run. Mobile gamers were mixed up in their reviews of the game. Some gamers were excited to see an official Nintendo title making it to mobile. Some players were frustrated at the high cost to unlock the full game. Super Mario Run is a massive success for Nintendo. The game had over 50 million downloads and counting.

With the huge success of Super Mario Run, Nintendo is now releasing another mobile game for the fans of the gaming company. The new game is called Fire Emblem Heroes which is a free-to-play RPG. To celebrate the event, Nintendo is giving 2,222 free coins in Super Mario Run to iOS gamers that download Fire Emblem Heroes.

Players will be able to claim their reward by downloading the new title and then log in to Super Mario Run. Once logged in, gamers will be able to open their Gift Box reward which contains the coins. For those who are not interested in downloading the new game, players will still be able to get the 2,222 coins by purchasing the full version of the Mario auto-runner which is worth $10.

The coins can be used to rebuild gamer’s kingdoms within the mobile game Super Mario Run. The coins are used to buy buildings, decorations and special items. Super Mario Run’s story revolves around how Bowser destroyed the player’s kingdom and the player needs to race through levels to defeat bad guys and collect coins. Nintendo also gave players 10 free Toad Rally Tickets after the game had hit its 50 million download last month.

The gaming giant is also adding new content to Super Mario Run on a regular basis. Last month, a new game mode was added by Nintendo called Friendly Run that allowed gamers to play and compete with their friends. The most recent content addition was the Easy Mode which allows mobile players to enjoy auto-runner as reported by GameRant.

Super Mario Run is scheduled to be launched on Android in March although there was no announcement on a specific date. When Super Mario Run was released in December, Nintendo reported that around 5 percent of gamers had paid $10 to unlock all courses. Nintendo stood to rake in millions of dollars in revenue from the game as published by GameSpot.

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