World Of Warcraft Introduces More Features In Broken Shores Patch 7.2

Recently an updated was again released for Patch 7.2 PTR. Developers are filling the new patch with even more context. Players will now be able to see more Broken Shore content. A post in the game’s official forums revealed that in the new patch, most of the Broken Shore content has been unlocked.

Players can see what Broken Shore has to offer by taking on introductory quests. For those who are going to continue to explore it, they will also be able to see new World Quests. However, items that players may receive during the exploration of the Broken Shore may not be able to use them just yet.  Players will, however, be able to use the items once the patch 7.2 is fully released for World of Warcraft.

The latest PTR build also features a new PVP brawl. Developers described the new PVP as the Gravity Lapse brawl in which players will be asked to defy the laws of gravity in this brawl match.  Patch 7.2 still has features that will undergo testing and these include World Boss, The Cathedral of Eternal Night, the Tomb of Sargeras, class mounts and flying. It is still unclear exactly when these other items will be included in the new PTR. More updates on the different additions in Patch 7.2 should be available in the future as reported by The Christian Post.

Massive structures have built on the Broken Shore. The demonic legions of the Burning Legion made the shore their base of operations for their assault on Azeroth. Both the Orc hordes and the Alliance have tasted great tragedies at the hands of the legions. The Alliance has regrouped, new allies are gained and acquired new weapons of great power, they are ready to return and achieve victory as posted on

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