NBA 2k17: How To Construct The All Time Chicago Bulls

Who's not a fan of NBA games right? Even from the youngest up to the eldest gamers out there always has an NBA 2k17 game on their checklist. Well, probably the person reading this article is either a die hard fan of Chicago Bulls or does not have any luck (or sad to say skills) on winning the game. Don't worry, this article will surely help out releasing the mighty "Bull" onto the court.

The All-Time Starting Line-Up

MVP Derrick Rose for the "Point Guard" position. The current Non-free highest-rated available for Chicago Bulls card. Although higher than Michael Jordan's card, there will be a better "Airness" for him some time in the future. Derrick Rose has nine gold badges and three at the Hall of Fame (HOF) level. Most of all, Rose has the mighty "HOF Ankle Breaker" badge. If players will combine that skill with Rose's speed, D.Rose will absolutely be one of the toughest guys to guard in the whole MyTEAM world. By the way, just to add, Rose's speed and acceleration are at 98.

Michael Jordan will be your best bet for the "Shooting Guard" position. Although Michael Jordan has a 99 rated free card, the 89 ruby edition will be the best one to use. Just be careful with his 3-point shooting due to the fact that Michael and Derrick Rose's perimeter shooting will be the biggest drawback of the game.

For the "Small Forward" position, players have the option to chose either the 91-rated Jimmy Butler Moments card or an 89 rated Ruby card of Scottie Pippen. Jimmy Bulter will be the best one to use, but it looks bad for a Chicago Bulls having Michael Jordan with no Scottie Pippen teaming up on their starting line-up.

For the defense, players can select an 88 Ruby Dennis Rodman that has a HOF badge for Defensive Stopper and Hustle Rebounder. The middle man will be Artis Gilmore. Although He does not have any badges, his 94-rated Diamond card is one of the most underrated in MyTEAM.

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