'One Piece' Chapter 854 News And Updates: Big Mom's Plans Revealed; Sanji Finally Reunites With Luffy In Next Chapter

"One Piece" chapter 854 has recently been released and it is one of the most anticipated events that transpired in the Big Mom arc. Sanji finally reunites with Luffy in the recent chapter as they try to fight the Charlotte family together.

"One Piece" Chapter 854 Reveals Big Mom's Plans To Kill Vinsmoke Family After The Wedding

The recently released "One Piece" chapter 854 tells Big Mom's plans to kill everyone of the Vinsmoke family during Sanji and Pudding's wedding. It has been revealed that Big Mom was not planning on honouring her agreement with the Vinsmoke family, and instead intended to kill them all right after the wedding. Big Mom is planning to shoot Sanji in the head just as he is about to kiss Pudding after the wedding. However, a day before the wedding, it looks like Sanji is in disarray and might run away.

Sanji Rushes Off To See Luffy At The End Of The Recently Released Chapter

However, in the recent "One Piece" chapter 854, Sanji seems to feel at a loss just the day before the wedding. He was supposed to prepare bento for Pudding, but instead ended up making a dish that was loved by the Straw Hats. Thus, it made him think about Luffy and how he once said that he is never going to eat again unless it was cooked by Sanji. Nevertheless, one of Big Mom's men approached Sanji and grabs the food from him, to which he strongly grabbed it back and then runs away. Thus, this was how the chapter ended, indicating that he is on his way to Luffy to reunite with him.

Even though it wasn't confirmed as "One Piece" chapter 854 ended with Sanji running away, it was highly indicated with the turn of events and his train of thoughts that he was on his way to see Luffy. In the upcoming "One Piece" chapter 855, the fans will finally see where Sanji is headed off too and if the entire Straw Hats could finally come together once and for all.

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