Galaxy S8 News: Leaked Real Life Photo Confirms Edgeless Display And Audio Jack

A new image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been leaked online. This time around, the photo depicts an edgeless display, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and many more that is sure to be quite interesting.

What Does The Leaked Photo Show?

The leaked photo only shows the bottom half of the Galaxy S8's design. On the photo, it shows a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a nearly borderless display that ditches the physical home button (yes, a software-based home button) in favor of more screen size, a curved display on its sides, curved edges, two separate antennas at the bottom, a small speaker grille, a microphone and what appears to be a Type-C USB charging port. The device was even made out of metal and glass.

Is The Image Legit?

That is the million dollar question which no one can really answer, but Samsung. However, one thing is certain about the image: it does fall in line with the recent photo leaks that are said to be the alleged phone design of the Galaxy S8.

Where Was This Photo Obtained?

The photo was originally posted at a Chinese social networking site called Weibo. Yes, the same site that recently leaked photos of the Galaxy S8's cases not long ago. And in regards to the leaked photos of the Galaxy S8's cases, recent reports suggest that the fingerprint scanner that was supposed to be at the right side of the rear camera could actually be for the flash. But on the other hand, there were also some claims that those photos were actually fake and indicated that the Samsung logo seen at the back of the cases were '"edited" or something.

Which Galaxy S8 Variant Was Shown At The Latest Photo Leak?

Sadly, the source that posted the image did not share a lot of information regarding the image except that it was clear enough to see every detail of the bottom design. Aside from that, it is hard to determine whether it was the 5.7-inch variant or the 6.2-inch variant.

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