'Adventure Time: Islands' Reveals Humans Whereabouts

The Devastating Mushroom War in ‘“Adventure Time” was filled with numerous questions but none bigger than this, where are the humans? Fans have been waiting for some answers and finally, they were able to receive it.

The Mushroom War

In their mini-series called “Islands”, not only they were able to answer multiple questions but they were able to show what had happened to the humans. For those who forgot, the humans and other entities were scorned by a holocaust. While Finn was in the land of Ooo, the earth was in big trouble. Land Of Ooo is where Finn met his best friend Jake(Dog).

The last episode that was aired years ago showed that Finn seems to be the only person alive. However, it wasn’t the case after all. When Finn and his pals start to do their voyage, they were able to locate humans in a series of islands. Apparently, when they were in the midst of the holocaust, they left their property in search of a safer area where they can live. Finn was happy to know that most of the humans were able to escape the destructive mushroom war.

Humans Exist

Finn was able to hop from one island to another and it was confirmed that there are multiple human beings in the island. However, Finn was sort of disgusted with the way they associate or rank themselves while living on the island. Fans know that Finn is not good with rules or any orders. Some islands are not that lucky compared to the other one. They might have escaped the mainland but a disease caught them off guard.

Finn tried to convince some human to explore the Ooo land and how living there will be a great idea. But the humans refuse to go with Finn and his pals.

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