Full Patch Notes For Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand PTS4, Update 1.6 Revealed

Ubisoft has always been on the roll for Tom Clancy's The Division. Ever since the game hit the ground bottom hard, the studio was just so passionate in bringing it back to the top. Every now and then, they keep the community updated with whatever forthcoming contents or patches. And this is exactly what's happening now -- the studio has just unveiled the full patch notes for the game's PTS4 (for Last Stand) and Update 1.6.

The big reveal for Tom Clancy's The Division was made via the official forums site of the studio. The developers iterate that most of the things they've established in the past were tweaked or changed. Nevertheless, no drastic or significant stuff will be made for the current iteration of the PTS.

For Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand, max stat will be applied to a lot of things thanks to the normalization. These are no other than gear bonuses as well as mods pertaining to gears, performance and weapons. This only means that a player's character will be "scaled to a fully min-maxed 256 build." The studio suggests creating a build that'll go consistent with the players' playstyle.

Fortifications are also part of these, as Ubisoft values Tom Clancy's The Division players who are fond of defending a tactical location on a solo basis. Turrets are now more lethal and heavy especially if players aren't paying attention with what's happening. All in all, it's all about helping solo players hold their points as they try to defend it.

As for the Mercy Rule in Tom Clancy's The Division, the studio has once again decided to tweak it. This is to be expected even in the long run, as they try to gather more data. With PTS4, though, the thresholds of the scores in the Last Stand rewards have been drastically increased. This basically refers to the game's Personal Scoring system. Have a look-see at the complete patch notes in Ubisoft's forum site.

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