Nioh Guide: How To Beat Onryoki The Second Boss

Nioh is notable for its elaborate and challenging boss battles that keeps pushing players to be at the top of their game. Players will soon realize that boss battles in Nioh is not going to be a walk in the park as most RPGs nowadays seem to be. The second boss found at the end of the first proper mission will really test a gamer’s mettle. For those players who are struggling with the large demon named Onryoki, this guide will help them beat the game’s second boss.

Onryoki is a massive demon and is the final boss in the first main mission of Nioh. The yokai is found on a boat docked near the beach. Players should know that before approaching the boat, they should be fully prepared for the battle. Players who die during a boss fight will have their grave trapped in the boss battle arena.

This means that players will not be able to recover their Amrita or use their special Guardian Spirit without trying to fight the boss again. Most players sacrifice their Amrita to be able to recall their Guardian Spirit at the shrine so they can farm for loot, grind a few levels and try their luck in fighting the boss again.

Gamers should make sure that they are truly ready before trying to fight Onryoki. Players should take the time to explore the surrounding village and kill enemies as there are items that will make the upcoming boss fight much easier. Players should make sure that they are fully decked out before taking on the boss.

Bombs, arrows, riffle ammunition and plenty of elixirs should be stocked. Assign the elixir and the bombs to one of the d-pad short cuts for easy access and make sure that you are at full health. It is best to spend points on improving William’s health at this point of the game. The boss battle with Onryoki is one of endurance as opposed to maintaining Ki.

Players should stick to melee weapons that they are most comfortable with at this point in the game. As long as players are quick at moving out of the way of Onryoki’s onslaught, a player’s weapon of choice will not play a big part in this particular fight. However, the spear is a well-rounded weapon. It is not as slow as some of the heavier weapons and has a fair range when attacking.

Onryoki’s attacks includes where the yokai boss tries to smash players with both of his fists and another where he does a belly flop. It is best to bait the boss into attacking and then dodge away as Onryoki is fairly slow. Once the boss misses an attack, he will be vulnerable to strikes from the player. Hurry behind Onryoki and switch to a high stance in order to deal more damage. A player will only be able to get in one or two attacks before Onryoki will attack with his two chains so make sure you are out of the way before this happens.

Keeping distance from Onryoki for the entire fight is not a good strategy as the boss can throw two large balls that he has chained to his wrists. This attack can give significant damage to William. Blast Onryoki with as many bow and rifle shots after fleeing from one of these attacks. Players should aim for the head of Onryoki to deal maximum damage. After taking a couple of shots, close in on the boss to avoid it utilizing its ball-throw attack and it will stick to melee strikes and grapples which are easier to dodge. Onryoki will free itself from the iron balls near the end of the fight and pursue William with more aggressiveness and speed. Players at this point should continue the strategy of getting in a few shots and then rolling out of Onryoki’s attacks. For those who are having trouble fighting this boss should consider farming for better equipment and items before trying to battle Onryoki again as published by GameRant.

Although Onryoki is a powerful boss, he is not agile or fast and will give the player a huge advantage in a fight. The key is to be quick to dodge and quick to attack. By using the lower stance of whatever weapon a player is using, it will conserve Ki while you dodge and will be inflicting the same amount of damage to Onryoki. Patience is the needed to win this boss battle as Onryoki has a lot of health as reported by Gosu Noob.

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