FF7’s Cloud and Sephiroth Will Be In Mobious Final Fantasy

Square Enix will be adding both Cloud and Sephiroth as crossover characters to the game company’s new mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy complete with their own event. It is still unclear as to the extent of the Cloud and Sephiroth event in Mobius Final Fantasy.

A Japanese trailer language showcasing both FF7 characters has been revealed. The trailer showed more modern-looking Sephiroth and Cloud. Both Final Fantasy characters have been fan favorites for many years. Cloud and Sephiroth coming to Mobius Final Fantasy would draw in a lot of people because of these two characters.

Despite being 20 years old, Final Fantasy 7 still continues to dominate conversations regarding the Final Fantasy series. Its characters have made many appearances on other games like Kingdom Hearts and World of Final Fantasy. It is obvious that Final Fantasy 7 still has a huge following as reported by GameRant.

Sephiroth was the main antagonist in FF7. He was a soldier, a product of Shinra Company’s SOLDIER program. He was better than the rest of soldiers that Shinra’s program had produced. When Sephiroth learned about the terrible experiments that the company did to him, he began to hate Shinra and then he hated everything else.

Cloud Strife is also an ex-soldier but became a mercenary who takes on any job. Cloud Strife is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. At the beginning, Cloud was arrogant and self-serving. After learning the truth about his past, he began using his strength to fight for the people he protects.

Mobius Final Fantasy is an RPG. The past month, the game hit 10 million downloads across both iOS and Android platforms. The game is also hitting PC. The crossover of FF7’s Cloud and Sephiroth to Mobius coincides with Final Fantasy 7 20th Anniversary as reported by Destructoid.

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