Sony Confirms Old Games Will Run Smoother And Faster On PS4 Pro Boost Mode

When the new PlayStation 4 Pro was launched by Sony last year for $400, gamers were promised better-looking games. By spending $100 more than the standard $300, players will be able to enjoy games that will run smoother and faster and better.

Game developers have to make a point of updating their games so that they take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s increased power. Unless a game company spends the money and time to update the older game for PS4 Pro, the games will look and run the same as it did for the standard PS4. Also, it is not clear which older PS4 games have been updated which were not.

All games launched after the PS4 Pro are compatible with the console, games like Uncharted 4. But there are numerous games that have been released prior to the launch of PS4 Pro. Sony, six months after the launch of the new upgraded PS4, will be making all games look better.

The upcoming system updated for all PlayStation 4 consoles, update 4.50, Sony will be adding a Boost Mode to the PS4 Pro console. The new update will let the PS4 Pro run at a higher GPU and CPU clock speed in order to improve PS4 games that were released prior to the launch of PS4 Pro.

The Boost Mode will make games look nicer, launch faster and run smoother. Games with variable frame rate will be better with a higher frame rate and some games will load faster. However, not all older games will run better with the new feature turned on as reported by the Business Insider.

Sony has advised console owners that the Boost Mode may cause unexpected behavior in the console with the PS4 Pro running at full speed. The glitches should be resolved by turning off the setting. The limitation that surrounds the Boost Mode is still uncertain as reported by The Verge.

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