A New Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Has Been Leaked: Is There Any Difference With The Previous Version?

Redmi Note 4X with Snapdragon 625 Spotted on TENAA
Without any kind of doubt, this Redmi Note 4X represents Xiaomi´s biggest effort to make an important hit in the Chinese market, in order to beat its most ferocious competitor Huawei. Photo : JZEEK/YouTube

The Redmi Note Note 4 has been one of the greatest mobile devices ever released by Chinese giant Xiaomi, to the point in which many consider that this has managed to increase the company´s popularity in China, which has been quite efficient to fight against its biggest competitor Huawei in the smartphone business. Although it was believed that this mobile device wouldn't have another version, social media Weibo published new leaks via renders reveal the existence of a mysterious Redmi Note 4X, which seems to be quite promising.

The Redmi Note 4X Announced By Hatsune Miku

Apparently, this mobile device will be unveiled in China in a few hours, and far from presenting a major upgrade of what we already saw in the previous version, the Redmi Note 4 will remain exactly the same, and least in the design. This way, this lack of major improvements in the phone´s appearance is a clear sign of how Xiaomi still want to take advantage of the way in which the previous version succeeded in the market, which might be a quite risky move, considering that unless the new model offers something great and different, these mobile devices tends to end up being a disappointment both for the customers and for the smartphone maker.

Nevertheless, it has been suggested that the Redmi Note 4 might be announced by virtual pop star Hatsune Miku, which seems to be a really clever move from the Chinese company, given the fact that using a major celebrity usually helps the product to achieve great sales and popularity in the first months. In fact, it is expected that Miku will end up being Xiaomi´s new ambassador, a strategic move that's something quite unusual for the Chinese giant. 

It Remains Unknown Which Could Be The Difference With Its Predecessor

However, there´s not so much information so far, which is also something that has surprised the smartphone business, given the fact that this kind of secrecy usually hides something surprising for everyone. In any case, when the Redmi Note 4X was certified for use by the TENAA regulatory board in Asia´s largest market, some specifications were revealed, and showed a choice of 32GB or 64GB of internal storage that will be available, but the thing is that both mobile devices are likely to have 4GB of RAM, so this doesn't seem the field in which a major chance will be seen.

In fact, it was also revealed that the camera could actually be the same as the previous version, and there´s even some possibilities that the Redmi Note 4X could MediaTek X20 processor, which was the same that the Note 4 used last year. In any case, this new and mysterious mobile device is expected to come with a new green color, along with a slick black option.

What´s definitely sure about the Redmi Note 4X, is that secrecy is its main characteristic, which seems as something quite exciting for the new version of a mobile device that already excelled customers expectations. Of course, this new one will only be available in China, and possibly in Xiaomi´s markets like India.

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