Horizon Zero Dawn Update: Custom HUD Revealed

"Horizon Zero Dawn," one of the most awaited games this 2017 had a live stream video wherein the game showed off and talked about its game length. Coming out this February, "Horizon Zero Dawn's" fans can't wait any much longer for the game to be released.

The stream showed a lot of custom HUD settings. Different elements that the user can toggle on or off are the experience bar, compass, Health bar, weapon and ammo indicators, stealth symbol, and a lot more. Players can choose to toggle the HUD element with the options "On", "Off" or "Dynamic"

Also, the video showed something about "Photo mode" wherein players can change the film of view (more like of a screenshot but with a lot more freedom). In the Photo mode, players can move the camera, hide the main character, hide the user interface, adjust the aperture, brightness, and other different kinds of tweaking, In addition, players can also change the time of the day instantly.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is an action role-playing game. Guerilla is the maker of Horizon Zero, who is also the well-known creator of the first person shooter game entitled Kill Zone. The game's plot revolves around the character named "Alloy," an archer and a hunter who lives in a world filled with free-roaming robots. Having an adventurous attitude, Alloy tries to discover the dangers of what kept her sheltered for a really long time. Alloy uses long ranged weapons and stealth tactics to take down robotic creatures that when killed, leaves a useful loot that can be used for resources. Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world environment in which different tribes exist that will help Alloy throughout the story.

"Horizon Zero Dawn's" release date was supposed to be last year but was later delayed to the end of February this year. The game will launch at the United States on February 28 and in Europe on March 1.  

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