NBA Trade Rumors: Pelicans Consider Putting Anthony Davis On The Trading Block

The New Orleans Pelicans are having their toughest fight to the playoffs this season. With the Pelicans positioned at the 12th place, the latest NBA trade rumors suggest that the team trade Anthony Davis for a skillful first round picks.

The 2016-2017 NBA season is already past its mid, and the Pelicans remain seated at the bottom five of the Western Conference. At a 20-33 record, the Pelicans will have to win most of its upcoming games for them to get a miraculous shot in the playoffs. NBA trade rumors then suggest the team to use its top asset to prepare for its future rather than a dream for this season's playoffs.

It has been revealed that the contract of Davis is already expiring, hence enthusiasts expect the Pelicans to make a move about it. Fans will either see the team signing him for another round of contract, or witness his move to a new team. Davis has been rumored to flee his team since the current NBA season started. NBA analysts claim that the 23-year-old power forward is among the top ten players in the league. For such regard, NBA experts believe that he should offer his talents to a team with higher chances at the finals.

Davis has previously been linked to several teams including the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the OKC Thunders, The Toronto Raptors and the Chicago Bulls. Davis has however debunked these talks during his past interviews, but as the trade deadline nears, the trade rumor mill is once again putting him on the headlines.

Davis is currently making 27.9 points, 12.2 blocks and 2.2 assists on the average. He is deemed as a natural player who is good at any position. While it is true that numerous teams are waiting for him to be freed this season or during summer, Davis, as well as the Pelicans executives, have been denying trades. Apart from Davis, reports note Jrue Holiday and Buddy Hield hitting the free agency and this reportedly opens the Pelicans to take on a new roster of players to rebuild its future.

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